Fender Flares – Its Importance and Reasons to Buy It for Your Vehicle


Fender flares is one of the aftermarket parts often bought by vehicle owners. It is called as “fender” in American English and”wing” in British English. It is an aftermarket automotive accessory available to most vehicles, may it be a car, SUV or a truck.


You can get a lot of benefits from using fender flares for your vehicle. The primary purpose of fender flare is to prevent the rotating tires to throw particles such as mud, rocks, sand, liquids, and other road substances into the air. For aesthetic purpose, you can customize the look of your vehicle with this part. You can install it in your stock truck to add style.

Another benefit of using fender flare is, it becomes an extension of your vehicle especially when you plan to put on bigger tires. It is fitted directly over the wheel well and contoured to match the same body lines of the vehicle. It is also used tohide rust or body damage around the wheel well. These are typically made to be rigid and paired up with flexible mud flaps.


Fender flares are legally required if you’re planning to put on larger tires. You need to determine what set of fender flares you want or need. Finding the style that fits with your vehicle will depend on your preference and your personality. There are different brands that offer fender flares in various color, shapes and sizes, but it can be categorized into one of 4 styles:

  • OE Style

This style will give an added style on the basic stock look on your vehicle. This is also preferred by those who just want to hide a small amount of body rust or damage in their vehicle. Take note that some OE style fender flares does not use the same factory holes and may require drilling.

  • Street Style

Street Flares provides protection around the wheel well and fenders, plus an added style and low-profile appearance on the vehicle. It has a smaller profile compared to OE style fender flares. You can usually see this on showroom style trucks.

  • Pocket / Bolt Style

The Pocket / Bolt Style provide protection while giving an extremely rugged and tough look on your ride. It’s a no-drill installation, unlike the OE style that requires drilling. It is created with a bolt set in each number of pockets which gives bolt-on appearance.

  • Extended Style

If you want your vehicle to look tougher but needs a serious extension, then you have to put on the extended style fender flares. These are usually seen on heavy duty-looking vehicles but not as aggressive as the looks you can get from the bolted style.

Fender flares are available in different styles, colors, and even textures to match the look of your vehicle. It also provides additional coverage for oversized wheels and tires. Take note that this aftermarket vehicle part can even help retain resale value since it keeps rocks and debris away from the vehicle’s body.

Have you decided what fender flare style you want to put on your vehicle?

Dodge Challenger, Charger Lead in APEAL Study

Two of FCA US LLC’s major muscle cars led their segments in J.D. Power’s 2015 Automotive Performance, Execution, and Layout (APEAL) Study, with the Dodge Challenger and Charger leading the Midsize Sporty Car and Large Car sections, respectively. The APEAL Study has existed for two decades and is meant to determine which new vehicles are most satisfying to drivers, in terms of both buying and owning. The study measures 77 elements of each vehicle, and participants are surveyed after 90 days with each car.

Matt Liddane, Vice President – Quality of FCA-North America, said that FCA was “…proud to receive three APEAL awards in back-to-back years as customers continue to recognize that we’re delivering exciting and appealing vehicles which meet their needs.” The APEAL Study is noted for measuring not only driver satisfaction, but also owner satisfaction, making it especially important for drivers searching for long-term vehicles.

The Dodge Challenger was changed radically for 2015, receiving the highest Initial Quality Study (IQS) compared to other Midsize Sporty Car models four out of the past five years, and becoming the segment leader in 2014 and 2015. The 2015 Charger, also restyled for 2015, added new vehicles last year including the SRT Hellcat, R/T Scat Pack, and SRT 392.

The 2015 Dodge Challenger has several models as part of its lineup, including the Dodge Challenger SXT, which has a Pentastar V6 engine and TorqueFlite eight-speed automatic transmission, getting 300 hp and an EPA-estimated 30 mpg.

Other 2015 Challenger models include the SRT 392, with a 6.4L naturally aspirated HEMI engine, and the Challenger SRT Hellcat with a 6.2L HEMI V8 engine, getting 707 hp. The Hellcat was named the fastest muscle car ever by Ward’s Standard Specialty. The 6.4L HEMI Challenger Scat Pack and the Challenger R/T round out the Challenger selection.

The highly restyled, fastback 2015 Dodge Charger has TorqueFlite eight-speed automatic transmission on each model, some of which are: the SE, the R/T Road & Track, the SXT, the SRT Hellcat, and more.

The Charger has many engine options, including the powerful 6.4L HEMI V8, pulling 485 hp; the much-admired 3.6L Pentastar engine; and the 6.2L supercharged HEMI Hellcat engine. The Charger is noted as one of the most powerful muscle cars available.

The 5 Best 12v Air Compressor Units

A 12 Volt air compressor means easy topping off at home.

If a three-year-old has just learned how to deflate a tire and decides to practice his new skill on your car (this happened to me not long ago) a 12-volt air compressor is a very useful device to have.

Outside of keeping your car tire pressures where they should be they will help maintain lawn-mower tires, bike tires, footballs and swimming pool floats of all kinds.

If you like the outdoor life, far away from gas stations and repair shops, they can get you out of a hole you might not want to be in.

Even if you never stray more than a few miles from a gas station, they can save you the frustrations of finding quarters and then running from tire to tire with an air hose like a crazy person.

What Sets the Devices Apart?

I can tell you now that the main complaints about these products are noise (some of them make you long for ear muffs), cable length and air hose length. Some of the very cheap models have poor build quality and should be avoided.

Apart from that, some models are made purely for normal car tires and some are powerful enough to inflate truck tires at a good speed.

Extra Features

  • A built-in light can be useful, especially in an emergency.
  • Digital pressure gauges are more accurate and easier to read than older mechanical gauges.
  • Some cordless compressors that charge from either 12-volt or 120-volt sources can jump start a car.

The lightweight and compact Slime 40022 is probably the best small inflator for standard car tires.

It is easy to set the tire pressure that you want with the help of a large digital display. After that you just press go to start inflating. The compressor switches off automatically at the right value.

It has an onboard light that is a big help at night for any kind of problem.

The Downside

  • It is pretty slow and very noisy. You will not enjoy watching it dance around the ground, either.
  • The cable and hose are very short. You will need a cigarette lighter extension cord.
  • It feels flimsy but seems to hold up if you take care.
  • It will take 4 or 5 minutes to inflate the average tire from flat.
  • Not recommended for an RV or any other big vehicle. Max tire pressure is 35 PSI.


Noise and vibration takes away a lot of the pleasure of maintaining tire pressures on a regular basis at home. But it gets the job done.

It can be a life-saver for those slow-puncture moments on the the road, when help is far away and you don’t want to change a tire.

The VIAIR 450P: Real Power at a Price

Pictured above is the Rolls-Royce of air compressors and is powerful enough to inflate even a 37-inch tire in about 5 minutes from flat.

Power is taken direct from the vehicle’s battery by heavy-duty clamps which satisfies its appetite for juice without overheating issues.

The pressure gauge is larger then most, easy to read and can be set to automatic for accurate topping off.

The only drawback is the price. It is around $250 online but with a recommended price of twice that. This is a unit that will last a lifetime, though.


Slime COMP06 Heavy-Duty

Nobody has anything bad to say about this model (which makes it pretty much unique). It has a generous 16 foot PVC air hose with quick-connect cabling. Add that to an extension electrical cable (described above) and you will reach all the tires easily, even on a big unit.

The built-in pressure gauge is readable in increments of 2 psi. The permanent magnetic motor is durable and quiet. There are plenty of adapters for toys and balls.

It works up to 130 psi and will inflate 0 to 28 psi in about 3 minutes.

It does not vibrate too much so no dancing away along the road while in use!

A bargain at around $50.00 online.


VIAIR 00073 70P

This medium-duty model is slightly cheaper than the Slime Pro Power, above, but is broadly comparable in its specification.

It has a very generous 16-foot power cable and a 4-foot air hose. The stainless-steel braided air hose will last well and never get kinks.

It will inflate a typical flat tire in about 4 minutes and can handle heavy-duty pickup and RV tires. The neat compact design is easy to carry and the bag supplied is sturdy enough to protect the unit in a trunk.


Master Flow MF-1050 Tsunami

This is not a cheap unit, but it is one of the most reliable and can tackle big tires. It is a good choice for RV tires needing 150 psi.

It has alligator clip connectors so there is no problem with overheating plugs. The cables and air hose are big enough to get around any ordinary vehicle.

The unit is quiet and it doesn’t vibrate like crazy.

Some people complain that it is hard to replace the air hose if it is damaged for any reason.


Campbell Hausfeld RP3200 with Light

This unit will vibrate and it can take off on its own if you not holding it down!

At the same time, it will get the job done and it has a tough construction that will resist the knocks these units get in a car trunk.

It has a powerful work light and even a flashing hazard light for night emergencies.

There is a built in pressure gauge and it comes with different nozzles for bicycle tires and inflatable toys.


Cordless, recharging.

Black & Decker Air Station

This machine can operate on its internal batteries or from a cigarette lighter outlet in your car.

On batteries only (full charged), it will pump up four standard car tires from flat.

It has a low pressure setting for air mattresses, balls and so on.

The pressure gauge is more sensitive than many and is accurate to 1 psi, though some people complain it is small and hard to read.

The battery needs a 4 to 5 hour charge to bring it up to full capacity.

Pressure gauges in air compressors are not always easy to read and often give a reading to no better than the nearest 2 or 3 psi, so it is worth buying an accurate gauge. If you over-inflate the tire a little you can let out air and use the gauge to get a perfect setting.

A standard wall outlet to 12v adapter can be handy for garage use.

If you buy one of the cheaper air compressors you will probably need a cigarette lighter plug extension cable. The cables supplied are often no more than 12 inches long and the air cables equally short.

There are plenty of 120-volt compressors available nowadays. These are a good option if you are mainly concerned about topping off tires at home. They will plug into any wall outlet or power extension.

The Goodyear i8000 pictured above is a very low vibration product with plenty of power, inflating tires up to 150 psi in less than three minutes.

Why People Love and Collect Classic Cars

Antique cars and classic cars collecting, restoring, and showing have become the number one pass time for many classic car enthusiasts. Whether you’re new to antique cars as a hobby, or a seasoned collector, the internet has information on classic cars, car parts, accessories, car shows and antique car sales, and more.

The first antique automobile was made in 1672 by a Chinese monk, and was steam powered. Then, around 1769, The Cugnot Steam Trolley was capable of transporting humans was produced. Other steam engine cars followed. By today’s standards, the steam car would be considered a green alternative to modern gas guzzlers. New hybrid cars still don’t operate on nothing but steam power like the steam trolley did over two hundred years ago.

It wasn’t until 1806 that the first car with an internal combustible engine appeared. The internal combustible engine cars began to hook us all on vehicles that were powered with the use of gas and oil. In 1885, a more modern version of the internal combustible engine car was introduced. Even electric cars were designed very early in the twentieth century, but faded out in favor of gas powered vehicles. The Ford Museum, in Detroit, MI. still has a running, working model of Ford’s first electric motor on display. Antique Ford cars are highly collectible and well known in classic car circles.

There are several eras of collectible automobile history. Each era has a specific term to define the particular types of classic cars made during those time frames. Knowing certain antique car terms can help you to decide which antique car era you want to focus on as an antique car collector or restorer.

Classic cars from the 1890’s and earlier are termed “Veteran Era” antique autos. From around the 1900’s to 19190, those classic cars are generally referred to as the “Brass”, or “Edwardian” era collector cars. A very popular area for antique car collectors is the “Vintage” 1920’s era classics. Through the 1930’s to the 1950’s, there are “Pre-war” era classic cars. 1950’s through 1970’s are termed: “Post-war” classic or antique cars.

Cars that are twenty years old or older are generally referred to as “antique” cars. Another classic and collector car term you will hear is the term: “muscle cars”; which generally refer to sports cars made between the 1960’s to 1980’s. Whatever your classic antique car interest may be, the internet gives all the information, history, and antique car sales.

Antique Car collecting and restoration is a hobby practiced by people all over the world. Even American celebrities fall in love with them. Jay Leno, in addition to hosting the Tonight Show, is known for his huge collection of antique cars and motorcycles going all the way back to the early 20th century. Past stars known for their love of cars are Larry Hagman and Steve McQueen.

One of the reasons people love antique cars is that, for them, it brings back childhood or teenage memories. Maybe they had their first date in that car, or that is the car the family when on annual picnics, or maybe it was the car to have when they were young but they couldn’t afford it. The nostalgia market is worth billions of dollars and those longing for the antique autos of their youth account for only a small piece of it.

Muscle Cars – It’s a Love

After years and years of hearing how muscle cars are out of here never to be seen again, I’m beginning to think that all these people that hate muscle cars are losing the battle. Back in the mid to late 1970’s I heard that gas prices would kill American muscle cars.

Then again in the 1980’s when the government got tough on emissions, and began to kill power that all cars had, yet still the muscle car had made it through the storm, maybe you just can’t kill American automotive history.

We had Ralph Nader telling us that cars were the cause of all of the pollution problems on our planet, when in actuality cars only encompass about 1% of the problem, and you can get less emissions and still have power. This entire thing is just people that don’t like cars.

American muscle cars are a part of our countries history, and you don’t just wipe out history. I see different agencies and companies that are restoring all kinds of houses that are considered historic landmarks, and people are stopping them from being torn down all the time.

What is the difference between this history, and our country’s automotive history, just explain that to me. You can’t because automotive history is just as important, and car lovers will always love classic cars and muscle cars and they will always restore them.

I love classic American cars and I have from the first time I ever seen one, and I will until the day I die. Of all the classic cars and the American muscle cars are my favourite of all times, if you want to know why, I’ll try to explain it to you.

Have you ever felt pure raw horsepower and torque, if not it feels kind of like getting pushed really hard, but at the same time your pinned to a seat, and you can’t move the car is so powerful that your immobilized in your seat, until you feel this you can’t know what I mean.

It’s a feeling of being the only one in a car just like yours. It’s respect for American ingenuity and know how, it’s the body lines of a classic American muscle car, it’s the feeling you get when your behind the wheel, it feels just like pure satisfaction that can’t be belittled by anybody.

It feels like you’re the king of your domain, it feels like driving a work of art, and it feels like your god, it the ultimate high that you can achieve driving a car, there is nothing else like it on the earth, muscle cars will always be here, and men will always love them.

Nothing else is quite the same as driving an American muscle car, and I’ll be here to stand up for them for a long time, every time I hear people blaming muscle cars for yet another atrocity, and telling people how much better the import companies build cars.

I’ll always come running to the defense of American cars, and yes that will always include muscle cars. Nobody builds a better car them we do, and nobody ever will, rather it’s a classic car, or a brand new car America will always build the best car period.

I’m American to the core, I believe in all things American, and that makes it my duty to defend American muscle cars. It’s not that hard when you love the thing that you defend, I love America and it’s cars, so if I have anything to say about it.

Nobody will ever belittle the American muscle car, nobody will destroy it’s legacy, and the Detroit motor companies will always be god in my eyes. They have always built cars that America loves, cars that are like no other car, they build American cars.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/1082705

Classic Old GTO Muscle Cars 1964-1974 Car

Classic Pontiac GTO The First Muscle Car


The 1964 Pontiac GTO “Goat'” was the first Muscle Car. This classic car was the brainchild of Pontiac Chief Engineer John DeLorean. Had it not been for DeLorean’s idea to remove the Lemans 326-cubic-inch engine and replace it with the 389-cubic-inch V8, the GTO would have never been born.

The GTO, also known as “The Legend,” once and for all changed an age old problem of the need for more speed. All the street racers had known for years that if they could get a car with a big engine, and a small body, they could increase their speed. Well, finally, in 1964 Pontiac released the GTO as their answer to this problem.

The 1964 Pontiac GTO sported two air intake castings on the hood as part of it’s special styling package. I can still remember modifying these blank intake castings when we would soup up these GTO’s. I sure wouldn’t do that today, but at the time we were more into speed and cool than we were in to original.

The 64 GTO interior had the look and feel of a race car. The 389 was packed with 325 horse power and sported stylish bucket seats, an aluminum instrument panel, a custom steering wheel and a shifter in the console. Depending on which package you ordered, the GTO either had a three speed manual transmission, or a four speed.

In 1964, if you challenged the GTO, the rear of the GTO is what the challenger usually ended up seeing. As we would fly by the challenger, you could hear the old cry, ” Boy, we sucked you up our carburetor, and spit you out our tailpipe.”

The rear taillights stretched clear across the rear of the GTO. The backup lights were sunk into the rear bumper, really cool addition.

I can still remember the days when we were all cruising in our GTO and blasting Little GTO by Ronnie and the Daytonas on the radio. Good old cars and good old music, there was nothing quite like it.

The Good Old Days

You all remember the famous movie by George Lucas, American Graffiti? I grew up in Modesto at a time when cruising cars down McHenry Avenue in the 60’s and 70’s was the most popular weekend activity in town. The laws have all changed now, and the only cruising going on in Modesto is on “Graffiti Night,” to honor the Lucas movie.

I can remember the fun we all had back in the 60′ and 70’s smoking our tires down main street, and then later watching all the good old boys being forced to take their need for speed on to the tracks, or the dry lake beds all around the California Desert.

Those were the good old days, now it looks like all the fun has been replaced by a failing economy around the World. Personally, I think it’s time to pull the old GTO out of the garage, dust her off, fuel her up, and smoke some tires down main street America.

Speaking of the good old days, do not miss the Goodguys Car Shows.